Making On Demand Purchases

Purchasing a movie or TV show can only be done via the New Contour receiver and cannot be initiated at or on the Contour App. On Demand purchases can be downloaded or streamed to your tablet or smartphone via the Contour App and be watched from anywhere, anytime, as many times as you want. Your purchased movies or TV shows can also be viewed on the web at

  • Access On Demand
  • Access the Movies or TV Category. Movies and TV shows that are available to purchase will have a “Buy” option listed in the description.
  • Scroll to your selection and click OK. You will be presented all available options to watch your selected movie or TV show. Click Buy to purchase the movie or TV show. Use the left and right arrows to navigate between the SD or HD version (if both formats are available).
  • Click “Buy Now” to Purchase.

Viewing On Demand Purchases – From Your TVs

When you buy a movie or TV show, it will be available to view in the purchases menu on your TV. You must subscribe to the New Contour TV service to view purchased content from your TV.

  • Press the Contour Menu button on the remote then select Saved on the New Contour menu.
  • Select Purchases and then select the movie or TV show you would like to play.
Learn more about On Demand Purchases here

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