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After years of chart-busting social media growth, Larry’s popularity is at a level few Latino artists can brag about. Having gone through one of the most tumultuous years of his life and a needed break to reflect, it’s now time to get back to his fans and back on the stage. His comeback proves to be more challenging than expected when issues arise and he’s faced with loosing his voice during a concert. Still the same Larry, the non-stop lifestyle and the never-ending attempt to balance career and family continue. Family fun time is a must and a road trip to Mammoth takes the Hernandez’ to the snow for the very first time! Kenia is still the fiancé and not yet the wife, but with a new found voice and independence, she no longer sits on the sidelines as she gears up to launch her beauty line. After years of incarceration Larry’s beloved brother Freddy is finally scheduled to be released and deported, Manuela will travel to meet him in Mexico, Larry struggles with not being able to join due to his travel restrictions.

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