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When Danielle and Adam Busby became the proud parents of the first set of all girl quintuplets in the U.S., they certainly had their hands full. Raising five babies: Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel, along with five year old big sister Blayke, proved to be no easy task. But now that the little ladies are fifteen months old and walking, life in the Busby household has become more chaotic than ever! With a house literally crawling with babies, it's mess and stress times five! Danielle and Adam spend their waking hours chasing after the quints and keeping them clothed, bathed and fed while also making sure all the toddlers and Blayke get the attention they each need. But the challenges don't stop there. From facing eye surgery for little Baby Hazel to worrying about how they'll keep up financially with six girls under one roof to having Danielle's mom move in, every day presents new obstacles, both big and small. The struggles may be real, but so is the laughter and love. And while Danielle and Adam are determined to make it all work, one thing's for certain: Whether it's Halloween with the quints, the babies first family vacation, Blayke starting kindergarten, or celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary amongst all the mayhem, the Busby's are getting a crash course on what it means to be OutDaughtered!

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