Papá a Toda Madre

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Frivolous business owner Mauricio Lopez-Garza is faced with a challenge when he discovers that his right-hand man and best friend, Fabrizio, has led his family business into bankruptcy. To save his company, Mauricio plans to marry into wealth, but his plan is halted by the unexpected appearance of Anifer, a 9-year-old girl claiming to be his daughter.

Mauricio must seek help from his courageous and independent ex-employee, Renee, to help raise his daughter and save his company. Renee agrees to be a mother-figure for Anifer, but not the father figure she expects Mauricio to become. As his priorities begin to change, Mauricio discovers the shocking truth that Fabrizio is Anifer’s real father. Faced with this new challenge, Mauricio must choose between saving his company and fighting for those he has come to love most, Anifer and Renee.

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