Features & Benefits:

  • Here TV offers 40 hours new programs every week.
  • Exclusive queer classics such as Here TV’s original award winning film Shelter.
  • The most diverse premium award winning LGBTQ programming on Television.
  • Only $7.99 per month.

Where to Find:

Here TV is available only to customers who have Contour receivers featuring Voice Remote.

Simply say "Here TV Features" into your Contour Voice Remote and follow the on-screen prompts.

Here TV programs can also be found throughout the Cox On Demand menu:

  • On Demand > Store > Subscription
  • On Demand > Networks > Lifestyle & Culture
  • On Demand > TV > TV Networks > Entertainment

Where to Watch:

  • On TV: Using your Contour receiver.*
  • Contour App: At home or away.
  • Online: Use your My Account ID and Password to watch online at

* Service only available on Contour receivers with Voice Remote.